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Code of Ethics

Code of ethics for websites in India is not legally defined but websites are expected to adhere to general principles of ethical conduct. This can include:

  1. Respect for Privacy: Websites should protect the privacy of their users and not collect, use or share personal information without consent.
  2. Fair and Honest Information: Websites should provide accurate, fair and honest information in their content.
  3. Responsibility for Content: Websites should be responsible for the content they publish and take steps to ensure it does not cause harm or spread misinformation.
  4. Respect for Intellectual Property: Websites should respect the intellectual property rights of others and not engage in piracy or theft of content.
  5. Transparency in Advertising: Websites should be transparent in their advertising practices and not mislead users or engage in deceptive advertising.
  6. Avoid Conflicts of Interest: Websites should avoid conflicts of interest and not engage in activities that compromise their integrity or impartiality.
  7. Respect for User Feedback: Websites should respect user feedback and take steps to address complaints or concerns.

Adhering to these principles of ethical conduct can help build trust with users and promote responsible and respectful online behavior.

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