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How to Apply for and Obtain Reliance Jio Corporate SIM Numbers

Discover the seamless process of acquiring Reliance Jio Corporate SIM Numbers with our comprehensive guide. Learn the eligibility criteria, required documents, and navigate through the application process effortlessly. Unlock the potential of cost-effective communication solutions for your business.

by Pooja
Reliance Jio Corporate Sim

Reliance Jio, one of India’s leading telecommunications providers, offers cost-effective corporate numbers known as COCP (Company Owned and Company Pay). This article provides a detailed guide on how to apply and acquire Reliance Jio Corporate SIMs, shedding light on the process, required documents, limitations, and the timeline involved.

Eligibility and Availability

To procure Reliance Jio Corporate Numbers (COCP), an entity must be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as a LLP, Private Limited, or Public Limited company. Unfortunately, these corporate numbers are not available for proprietorships. As of now, the service to allocate COCP is limited to specific Reliance Jio Retail outlets in different regions. It is crucial to approach the designated retail store based on your geographical location.

Initiating the Process

  1. Contacting Reliance Jio Business Team: Reach out to the Reliance Jio Business team through the official website or the Twitter handle of Reliance Jio Support. Specify your requirements and seek guidance on the next steps.

Required Documents

To streamline the application process, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  1. Registration Certificate: Certificate of Incorporation (COI) or Registrar of Companies (ROC).
  2. GST Certificate: Duly signed and stamped.
  3. No Dues Certificate: If migrating within Jio, on the company letterhead.
  4. UPC Code: Required for non-Jio consumers or Jio consumers from a different state or zone.
  5. Purchase Order (PO) Receipt: Stamped and signed on the company letterhead.
  6. User List: Stamped and signed.
  7. Non-Jio Alternative Number: For each applicant.
  8. Email Address: For each applicant.
  9. Office Photograph: Showing at least one director.
  10. Outdoor Signage Board Photograph: Displaying the company’s name.

Application Process

It’s important to note that corporate numbers are delivered on-site, at the registered address of the company, and cannot be purchased directly from a Reliance Jio Retail Store. According to TRAI guidelines, allocation of corporate numbers must be verified by a senior Reliance Jio executive physically at the registered company address.

  1. Submission of Documents: Submit all required documents and the request to the designated Reliance Jio Retail outlet.
  2. Payment: Make the payment as specified in the Purchase Order (PO) receipt.
  3. Online KYC: After document processing, complete the online KYC using the Unique Reference Number (URN) sent to your registered email.
  4. Verification: The submitted details will be verified by the Reliance Jio team.
  5. Activation: Once verified, new numbers and those submitted with no-dues certificates will be activated immediately. UPC-based migrations may take a couple of days.

Cons to Consider

Despite the advantages of Reliance Jio Corporate SIMs, there are some notable drawbacks to be aware of:

  1. No Direct Phone Support: Reliance Jio does not provide direct phone support for corporate users, making it challenging for businesses to quickly resolve issues or seek assistance.
  2. Email Support Quality: While email support is available, the quality of responses may be subpar, leading to delays in issue resolution and communication.
  3. Difficult Port-Out Process: Reliance Jio has been criticized for having a challenging port-out process. This can be a significant concern for businesses that may consider changing their service provider in the future, as the process might be cumbersome and time-consuming.


Acquiring Reliance Jio Corporate SIMs involves a structured process, requiring meticulous submission of documents and adherence to guidelines. The affordability of these corporate numbers comes with the added responsibility of purchasing a minimum quantity, making it essential for businesses to plan their telecommunication needs accordingly. By following this comprehensive guide, entities can navigate through the application process smoothly, keeping in mind the potential challenges associated with customer support and port-out processes

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