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Putin Offers Assistance and Expresses Concern in Gaza Conflict Talks with Netanyahu

Putin Expresses Concern and Offers Assistance in Gaza Conflict During Telephone Conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

by DP News Team
Putin Talking With Benjamin Netanyahu On Phone

Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in a telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, focusing on the critical situation in the Palestine-Israel conflict zone, particularly the dire humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip.

In the discussion, President Putin reiterated his principled rejection and condemnation of terrorism in all its forms. He emphasized the importance of avoiding severe consequences for the civilian population while countering terrorist threats and expressed Russia’s readiness to provide all possible assistance to alleviate the suffering of civilians and de-escalate the conflict.

The leaders also expressed mutual interest in continued cooperation regarding the evacuation of Russian citizens and their families, as well as the release of Israelis held in Gaza. Both leaders agreed to maintain ongoing contacts.

In a recent news program, President Putin made a striking statement, describing Gaza as the “world’s biggest dead children backyard.” In doing so, he justified Muslims’ anger over Israeli actions in Palestine. This strong and emotive language underscores the gravity of the humanitarian crisis and the need for urgent international intervention.

The official statement released by the Kremlin highlighted the commitment of both leaders to maintaining open lines of communication. The dialogue between Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu signals a shared determination to find peaceful solutions to the complex challenges in the region.

The international community continues to call for a diplomatic resolution to the longstanding conflict, urging all parties involved to prioritize the well-being of civilians and work towards sustainable peace in the region. As tensions persist, the world watches closely for further developments and hopes for a swift and just resolution to the ongoing crisis.

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